Faculty Internationalization Grants


Faculty International Grants are available for activities with goals such as the improved internationalization of the curriculum, the development or set-up of international experiences (credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing) for students and faculty, international research projects, and other projects that enhance the internationalization of The University of Tulsa. Research projects that can be funded through Faculty Research Grants should be submitted to the Faculty Research Grant Program and not the Faculty Internationalization Grant Program (see eligibility, coverage, and limitations below).


Completed applications must be received by the Provost’s Office by February 1 of each year and awards will be made by March 1.

Size of the Grants

Projects at three funding levels will be considered:

  1. Curriculum Development (maximum award 3K): Material needs (software, library orders) for projects that will enhance curriculum through an international component and/or facilitate international contacts of importance for faculty and their students.
  2. Interdisciplinary Development (maximum award 5K per year): Interdisciplinary or cross-departmental efforts that may involve a university or universities abroad. Grants at this level should be solicited by a minimum of two people in two departments working together. Interdisciplinary Development grants may be multiyear proposals.
  3. Strategic Partnership (maximum award 10K per year): Long-range partnership projects that engage TU’s recognized strengths on a macro-level in the international arena. Successful grants in this area imply an intention to apply for funding from national or international sources. Strategic Partnership grants may be multiyear proposals.

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