Faculty Led Courses

Faculty-led study abroad programs complement TU’s growing portfolio of international education programs by providing students an opportunity to engage with global problems in a way not available on the Tulsa campus. Moreover, such programs also present faculty with unique opportunities to further cultivate their own international connections, for purposes of advancing their research or invigorating new subject matter into their own teaching. As the scrutiny of faculty-led programs in the national media has increased, however, universities that support such initiatives are expected to put in place policies and procedures that ensure the appropriate oversight of student risks, fiscal management, and the training of faculty leaders. 

The Center for Global Education will oversee the program administration and logistics for faculty-led undergraduate and graduate credit-bearing courses, excluding those supported by the School of Law. This pertains to all models for faculty-led programs, including short-term embedded travel, summer programs, or end-of-semester travel. The university will benefit by diverse programs, in terms of subject and geographic region, and assumes that faculty-led international programs will vary by academic year.

Faculty interested in teaching a course involving international travel should contact Candice Chinsethagid, Coordinator of Short-Term Programs to initiate the design and implementation of the course. The CGE will provide support for marketing and course logistics. Faculty should initiate proposals for new courses well in advance of the intended semester of travel:


  • Fall courses/November break - Proposals are due February 1st
  • Spring courses/Spring break - Proposals are due September 1st
  • May/ Summer I or II courses - Proposals are due October 1st

See our policies here.

Download the Proposal Form here.

Previous Faculty Led Courses Abroad include:

  • ENGL 2813: Reading Irish Literature in Ireland - Dr. Jenkins (Ireland)
  • ATRG 4973: Research and Evidence Based Practice in International Sports Medicine – Dr. Greg Gardner (Ireland/Scotland)
  • BL 3053: Comparative and International Law – Dr. Susan Boyd (France)
  • IB 4013/6013: Doing Business in China/Brazil – Dr. Mike Troilo (China/Brazil)
  • NSG 4133: International Nursing and Technology – Dr. Susan Gaston (UK)
  • BIO4383: Selected topics in Biological Science/Tropical Biology – Dr. Glen Collier (Costa Rica)
  • Soc/Psy 4233; Psy 6233: Responding to Interpersonal, Intercultural and Historical Violence – Drs. Lara Foley & Joanne Davis (Ghana)