Student number 322 - Noam Faingold

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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Every week we feature a story of one study abroad alum. Enjoy their stories!!! :)


Student # 322: Noam Faingold

Noam Faingold is a professional musician finishing his PhD studies at King’s College London. He recently attended the Bowdoin International Music Festival on a rare full fellowship as the music composition Performing Assistant. In April 2012, Noam worked with the Jonkoping Sinfonietta in Sweden; in May, he was off to Finland to work with the concertmaster of the Tampere Philharmonic. His list of achievements as a performer, a composer and a conductor is truly impressive.

I can easily trace the moment where my music career started to really take off to my summer in Berlin,” said Noam. He had an extraordinary study abroad opportunity as a TU undergrad. In the summer of 2007, Noam studied music composition, conducting, and German at the Freie Universitat in Berlin. There he was introduced to an instructor that would later become his mentor—Juilliard composition professor Samuel Adler. After that, he spent many summers working with Adler on a new compositions and attending renowned music festivals. The connections Noam made while studying abroad gave his career a jumpstart. Not only that, but it was while he was in Berlin that he was notified that he had been awarded a Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Fellowship which allowed him to continue his studies in music and German.
For Noam, study abroad was the starting point for a fulfilling career that would lead him to important mentors, good friends, and exciting destinations. For more information on Noam’s work, see

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