Student 282 - Ken Ferrell

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Since 2004, the Center for Global Education is part of the TU mission of graduating students who “welcome the responsibility of citizenship and service in a changing world” by promoting the value of global education, maintaining partnerships with foreign universities, and, of course, by helping students go abroad. We are happy to say that sometime in 2013, the CGE will send its 1,000th student abroad! To celebrate this landmark, student #1,000 will win a special prize from the CGE—free airfare to your study abroad destination! Now is the time to begin your journey!

Every week we feature a story of one study abroad alum. Enjoy their stories!!! :)

Student # 282: Ken Ferrell

There are countless reasons to travel: for adventure, leisure, curiosity, language immersion, exotic foods, to meet new people, to find yourself, and of course, to learn. For some, like Ken Ferrell, it was all of those reasons. Ken Ferrell may have gotten his degree in Finance, but he has decided to continue his international travel and apply his degree in a different way.
In the spring of 2007, Ken traveled to Salamanca to study Spanish. He described his experience there as “wonderfully enriching”. It sparked a desire in him to one day live and work abroad. Since then, Ken has worked as an English teacher in both China and Costa Rica, where he currently resides. He was placed in Limón, Costa Rica for his volunteer work with the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps sends volunteers to over 60 countries world-wide to work towards improvements in agriculture, health and safety, education, technology, ecology, and youth and community development in the local region. Volunteers typically live and work in their host country for two years.
Ken has thoroughly enjoyed his time teaching abroad. “[I] have learned so much and experienced things I never imagined doing here in Costa Rica,” he said, “all due to my initial decision to study abroad when at TU.”

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