While They are Gone

Once your child is abroad, it is a wonderful treat to receive emails or postcards in which he or she describes the experience. It is also stressful when those emails and postcards arrive more slowly than you would like.

Here are a few tips on staying in touch with your son or daughter during study abroad:

  • Maintain communication with reasonable frequency but not on a daily basis.
  • Keep the program calendar in mind — if you haven't heard from your son or daughter, it may be because he or she is on a program excursion or traveling during a break.
  • Understand that culture shock is a normal reaction when going abroad, and that his or her complaints may be part of the normal adjustment process.
  • Monitor online information and advisories from the Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  • Contact the Center for Global Education should you or your son or daughter need assistance with any aspect of the program abroad or matters on campus.
  • Keep a journal of events and celebrations that occur during the semester or year to share with your son or daughter when he or she returns home.
  • Consider a visit during the program break, when classes are not in session.

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