There is a mandatory health and accident insurance requirement for all TU students who participate on a program abroad. Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) administers the plan for TU students and provides supplemental insurance for students whose individual coverage does not meet the minimum levels required by the university or whose program does not otherwise provide insurance.

You can sign up for your CISI insurance using the CGE online study abroad application or coming to the CGE House.

Here are some general guidelines regarding insurance as it applies to going abroad:

  • Know what your insurance will cover-- for example, high-risk sports injuries, dental care, and optical care are sometimes not covered by basic medical insurance. Also, if certain pre-existing conditions are excluded, check on the exact definition of "pre-existing."
  • Familiarize yourself with the insurance options provided by your program provider-- some programs include insurance as part of their program fee and have pre-planned insurance arrangements for their participants. Purchasing their insurance may make it easier for the program staff to assist you while abroad. However, you should still look closely at the limitations in its coverage. If the program does not offer insurance, and/or the program insurance is not sufficient to meet the minimum amounts recommended by TU, you should purchase additional travel/study abroad insurance.
  • Other considerations-- when considering your insurance options, look at the financial limits of coverage, whether your insurance applies during independent travel or vacation, what countries it includes, whether evacuation and repatriation is included, the policy’s start and end dates, and whether you will have to pay first for treatment and be reimbursed later by your insurance company.