Academic Policies

  1. Class standing: Students who have completed at least one academic year as a full-time TU student are eligible to study abroad. Students who transfer from another institution must complete one full year at TU before they may apply to study abroad, regardless of their number of credits. Students must have successfully completed the previous semester at TU as a full-time student.
  2. GPA and academic progress:
    a. Undergraduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 at the time of application and demonstrate that they are making satisfactory academic progress towards their degree.
    b. Graduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application and demonstrate that they are making satisfactory academic progress towards their degree.
  3. Language requirements: Students intending to participate in a study abroad program that has a minimum language requirement or in which all of the courses will be taught in a foreign language must satisfy one of the following criteria in order to be approved for study abroad by the CGE: a.Students must meet or exceed the minimum language requirement during the semester immediately preceding participation in the desired program.
    b. Students who are required to take an intensive language course prior to participation in a program with a language requirement will be conditionally accepted, pending their performance in the course. Students who do not satisfactorily complete the intensive language course will have their tuition and fees refunded as per the TU study abroad withdrawal policy.
    c. Students may complete an assessment of their language skills, such as an Oral Proficiency Interview, to determine whether they meet the minimum language requirements. Assessments may be conducted by the TU language department or the study abroad program provider, and the CGE will evaluate students’ readiness in consultation with the TU language faculty.
  4. Disciplinary status: Students who are currently on disciplinary probation may not participate in study abroad programs. The Center for Global Education reviews the disciplinary records of all program applicants and reserves the right to deny participation to students who have problematic disciplinary histories.
  5. Insurance: Students must demonstrate that they meet the minimum TU insurance requirements for students participating in international education programs or purchase the requisite coverage. The insurance requirements are explained in the separate policy regarding insurance for students going abroad.
  6. Approval for participation: All students seeking to study abroad must be approved by the Center for Global Education. Students must complete the study abroad application process as outlined in the study abroad application materials, information sessions, and CGE website. The CGE reserves the right to deny or withdraw approval of a student’s application to study abroad for any appropriate reason, including a student’s failure to submit the requisite paperwork in a timely manner. All denials will be accompanied by a letter explaining the reason the application was rejected.
  7. Program specific requirements: Specific study abroad programs may have requirements that exceed TU’s. Students who are accepted to study abroad by the CGE are not guaranteed that they will be accepted by an overseas university or study abroad program provider. Students are responsible for determining whether they meet the minimum requirements for the programs to which they have applied.
  8. Appeals: Any student seeking to appeal a decision regarding their eligibility to participate in TU’s study abroad program should follow the academic appeals process as outlined in the TU Student Handbook, available from the Dean of Students and online.
For a PDF of our academic policies click here.