Exceptions to the TU Student Travel Policy

TU sets guidelines about how, when and where students may study abroad and considers issues of terrorism, war, disease and other risks to travelers. Accordingly, TU observes the following policy: If the US Department of State or the Centers for Disease Control issue a travel warning for a particular country or region within a country, TU will suspend approval of any program or individual study abroad by TU students in that country as long as the warning is in effect, unless an application for a waiver of that policy is approved.

See current travel warnings.

Students may request a waiver to this policy by submitting an appeal in writing to the Travel Risk Assessment Committee. The Travel Risk Assessment Committee will be composed of the Vice Provost for Global Education, the Executive Vice President, chair of the campus crisis response team, and Secretary to the Board. Additional faculty or staff expertise in the proposed country, region, or project will review the appeals and participate in the committee as needed. Other consultants will be added as necessary.

Written appeals to a country with a travel warning must address the following:

  • The student must offer a compelling academic rationale for study in the selected country, outlining how study in only that country will advance her/his academic goals and aid her/him in the pursuit of her/his TU degree, and detailing why a study program in another country will not advance adequately the academic goals s/he has outlined.
  • The student must articulate what steps s/he has taken to inform her/himself of the safety and security risks that study in the selected country may pose and demonstrate that s/he has considered such risks in a thoughtful and deliberative manner.
  • The student must demonstrate that s/he has read and understands the current U.S. Department of State Travel Warning for the selected country.

Specific instructions regarding the appeal are appended to this policy. If the committee denies a student's appeal, that denial shall be final and shall not be reconsidered.

If the student is already in the district or country when the travel warning that prohibits, forbids or recommends deferral of all but essential travel to a particular district or country is issued, the Travel Risk Assessment Committee shall make a recommendation to Provost as to whether the student shall be required to return to the U.S. The Provost will make the final determination.

Approved by Deans Council, April 4, 2012