Non-Credit Bearing Programs

The University of Tulsa recognizes that students seek a diversity of experiences abroad and that non-credit bearing experiences may provide powerful professional and personal learning experiences. TU also acknowledges that all travel abroad carries particular risks. This section outlines a policy that encourages student to participate in non-credit bearing experiences abroad in a manner consistent with other university policies associated with international travel.

Students participating in non-credit bearing experiences that have been significantly sponsored by The University of Tulsa will be expected to follow the procedures outlined in this document. The University will consider any of the following conditions evidence that it is a significant sponsor of the experience abroad:

  • The experience abroad is primarily organized, directed, or otherwise coordinated by TU.
  • The student has received financial support to be applied towards his or her participation in the non-credit bearing program. Such financial support may be applied towards travel, registration fees, conference fees, housing or accommodations, living stipend, or any other expenses directly required for the student to participate in the program.
  • The experience will be conducted by a recognized TU student organization with a faculty advisor.

Students who are participating in an experience that meets at least one of the criteria above will be expected to demonstrate that they are in good academic standing with the University and follow university policies regarding international travel. Additionally, students will be expected to complete the following:

  1. Registration with the Center for Global Education: Students will complete the on-line registration form for “Non-Credit Bearing Experiences,” available from the link above. This form will require the student to provide information including dates of travel, in-country contact information, emergency contacts, and health conditions that may impact travel.
  2. Insurance:  Students must demonstrate that they meet the minimum TU insurance requirements for students participating in international education programs or purchase the requisite coverage. The insurance requirements are explained in the separate policy regarding insurance for students going abroad. The CGE will make available insurance through an approved vendor that specializes in providing coverage for students participating in international education programs, but students will be responsible for purchasing the requisite insurance themselves.
  3. Assumption of Risk: The student will be expected to sign an “Assumption of Risk” acknowledging the risks associated with his or her participation in independent travel abroad. (Document can be signed online, using the CGE online account)