Unaffiliated Programs

Students sitting by columnsOccasionally, students may have particular academic objectives that cannot be met by the existing affiliated programs and seek to study abroad with institutions or programs that they have identified themselves. This document establishes a process that will acknowledge legitimate requests for unique study abroad experiences while maintaining the strict academic, health, and safety standards for the programs in which TU students participate. This process assumes that most TU students can find appropriate academic offerings with existing study abroad affiliates and that applications to unaffiliated programs should only be approved in rare and exceptional circumstances.

Appeals Process

Written Appeal

Student applying to study abroad with an unaffiliated program should submit the following to the Center for Global Education:

  • A brief statement about why he or she has a need to study with a program or university not currently affiliated with TU: This statement should specifically address the courses, research facilities, internship opportunities, or other opportunities available through the proposed program that are not available through TU’s existing list of affiliated programs.
  • Specific details about the following criteria used by the Center for Global Education when reviewing programs:
    1. Academics, including information about whether the proposed courses will be approved by the student’s faculty advisor as academic credit.
    2. Housing arrangements
    3. Student services (academic advising, counseling services, excursions, etc.)
    4. Orientation programming
    5. Health and safety protocol
    6. Program costs, including tuition, housing, food, books, insurance, personal expenses, and airfare.
    7. Contact information for the program

Students should submit the above information as part of their study abroad application. Students should apply online using the "Appeal to participate in an unaffiliated study abroad program" application. 

Application Review

Applications will be reviewed first by the CGE, in consultation with the associate dean from the college in which the student is seeking to obtain academic credit. The CGE will notify the student in writing whether his or her application has been approved no later than two weeks after the CGE’s deadline for applying to study abroad. Students’ whose applications have not been approved may petition the decision in accordance with university’s academic appeals policy.

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