Scholarships and Financial Aid

At the University of Tulsa, study abroad is a realistic, affordable opportunity for all students. The CGE will work with you to ensure that your study abroad experience won't break your budget. Remember: you should never hesitate to bring up financial issues with your advisor at the CGE. We don't want money issues to hold you back from an amazing experience abroad.

Generally,  TU scholarships will transfer to study abroad tuition. In fact, the cost for students to study with one of our programs abroad is often roughly equivalent to what they pay at TU-- sometimes even cheaper! You may qualify for other scholarships as well. On the left you'll find links to additional information on scholarship and financial aid options for students going abroad. Take some time to look into these opportunities. It could really save you some cash!

Federal Financial Aid can be applied to approved study abroad programs.  TU will be considered the home school and will be responsible for processing financial aid. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services to inquire about the paperwork required to apply for financial aid for study abroad.