Visas and Passports


All students will need a current passport (which must be valid for at least 6 months past the date of return) in order to travel outside of the U.S.

It is strongly recommended that you begin the passport application process (especially if it is the first time to apply for one) as soon as you begin looking into programs. *PLEASE NOTE: It can take up to 8 weeks for a new passport to be issued. For more information on passport information please visit the U.S. Department of State website at

Applying for a passport for the FIRST time--

You must appear in person at the Passport agency in your hometown. In Tulsa County, this is located in the Tulsa County Clerk’s office; in other places, the passport office may be located in the post office or in a self-contained office usually in the local federal office building. You can check for the nearest location near you at the link above.

For making a first time application for a passport, you must present the following four materials with your application form DS-11 (available at the link above):

  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship-- a certified birth certificate OR a Naturalization Certificate (you may call the Department of Vital Statistics in your birth state to obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate if you do not already have one. In Oklahoma, the telephone number of the Department is 405-271-4040).
  2. Proof of identity-- driver’s license or government (Federal, State, municipal) employee identification card or pass.
  3. Two recent identical passport identification color photographs
  4. Fees--check here for the current fees

For an additional fee, passport applications may be expedited. Please check with the passport agency. The Tulsa County Court Clerk’s office is located at 500 South Denver Avenue, Room 200, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103. Telephone number is 918-596-5425. Office hours are between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Renewing a passport--

If your most recent passport was issued less than 15 years ago, you were over 16 years of age at the time of issuance, and your recent passport is not mutilated or torn, you may be eligible to use form DS-82, the mail-in application form at the link above.

  1. Renewal mail-in application: send in most recent passport (you will receive it back with your new passport), two identical recent passport photographs, and a fee payable to the Department of State.
  2. If you do not qualify for a mail-in application for renewal you will need to take in: proof of U.S. citizenship (recent passport or certified birth certificate), proof of U.S. identity (drivers license or government identification card), two identical passport photographs, and a fee payable to the U.S. Department of State.

To receive a renewal application by mail in Tulsa, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to

Sally Howe Smith
Court Clerk, Passport Division
500 South Denver Avenue, Room 200
Tulsa, OK 74103

or go to the website at to download an application. For those outside of Tulsa, please inquire at your local passport agency or at the link above.

The CGE will request a scanned copy of your passport as part of the application process which we will keep on file in the event of an emergency.

For a PDF document on passport information click here.


Student Visas/Study Permits

For some countries, you will be required to apply for and obtain a student visa (or study permit) in order to legally study and reside in that particular country for a longer period of time.

Applying for a student visa does not automatically entitle you to receive one. It is your responsibility to obtain and pay for one. The process can be long and somewhat complicated, so it is important that you begin the process soon after your acceptance into a study abroad program. *PLEASE NOTE: Some destinations (currently – Spain, France, and Argentina) will require travel to the host country’s U.S. consulate (which could be Houston, Chicago, or otherwise, depending on your home residency) for a personal interview when applying for the student visa. You must make travel plans and budget accordingly.

After acceptance into a study abroad program, the host program/university typically provides details and instructions on how to begin the student visa process.

It is really important to start working on your visa as soon as you have your program acceptance letter! Let CGE know if you need any help!

For a PDF on student visas click here.