Getting Started - Before You Go

Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime! As a college student, now really is the best time for you to consider a program abroad. The Center for Global Education (CGE) will be the key office you will work with as you make your plans to go abroad. However, you can expect to be working with a variety of TU faculty and staff departments along the way to ensure a successful study abroad experience!

As you begin to consider exploring a program abroad, we encourage you to spend some time identifying your personal and academic goals for going abroad. Along with research, self reflection and defining goals, students have a better chance of finding a program that best fits their personal and academic needs. The CGE staff is happy to assist you along the way!

If you would like to earn TU academic credit abroad, this is how you get started with your study abroad experience:


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If you are looking for a non-credit international experience, here are some tips: