Study Abroad Advising Process

Overview of the Study Abroad Advising Process

Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime! As a college student, now really is the best time for you to consider a program abroad. The Center for Global Education (CGE) will be the key office you will work with as you make your plans to go abroad. However, you can expect to be working with a variety of TU faculty and staff departments along the way to ensure a successful study abroad experience!

As you begin to consider exploring a program abroad, we encourage you to spend some time identifying your personal and academic goals for going abroad. Along with research, self reflection and defining goals, students have a better chance of finding a program that best fits their personal and academic needs. The CGE staff is happy to assist you along the way!

Researching Study Abroad Options

CGE Peer Advisors will be working with our office to assist you to explore program options. These are typically students who have recently returned from a TU study abroad location. They also will help you throughout the entire application process. Our CGE Peer Advisors will offer a student perspective for the study abroad experience and will be a great resource for you.

You are strongly encouraged to discuss your desire to study abroad with your College’s academic advisor early in the process. He or she can assist you in determining the best time for you to go abroad, according to your specific and individualized degree requirements. It is important to keep in mind that all coursework (including internships, research, or independent study) you plan to take abroad must be approved by your College as part of the study abroad application process. Additionally, changes to courses after arrival abroad requires College approval to ensure appropriate TU credit can be awarded.

Individual Advising Process

The process for deciding where to study abroad is very individualized, which is why the advising sessions with a CGE staff member are so important. Please complete an advising application by filling out the "Study Abroad Interest Form" to better help us (and you) find the perfect program. Also read the study abroad informatiom materials and take the quiz. Then schedule an advising session with a study abroad advisor. Here are a few issues we will discuss during your study abroad advising session:

  • What are your goals for going abroad? To learn a second language, study another culture, travel, gain work experience?
  • What programs are available through TU that would satisfy your study abroad goals?
  • How long do you want to go abroad? How will this impact your time to graduation or ability, find a summer job or internship, or compete for major scholarships and fellowships?
  • What additional services do you want from a program? Do you want to study on a program with other Americans or do you want to directly enroll in a foreign university? Are you interested in a program that provides a lot of support services for international students, including organized excursions and activities, or are you more interested in being independent?
  • How confident do you feel in traveling abroad?
  • Do you need to participate in a program that will provide specialized medical or academic assistance?
  • Are you familiar with any health or safety issues that may be relevant for your study abroad destination? What precautions are you taking?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages (real and perceived) of the various programs you are considering?

Students are required to have at least one meeting with the Study Abroad Advisor before approval, and one Final Advising Meeting before departure.


Budget Process

Managing your money abroad by making a budget will be an important task regardless of who is paying the bill for this experience!

It is your responsibility to plan and prepare for your semester abroad. To facilitate this, we request that each student complete a Study Abroad Expense Budget Form and have it approved by the CGE, during the Final Advising Meeting.. (Don’t worry! You will be given lots of assistance throughout the application process with completing this form). You can refer to the program materials you received in your acceptance packet from the Host program or school and/or their website/catalog for estimated costs for your specific program.

Keep in mind as you budget for your time abroad, the various currency exchange rates (which can change daily!) and your own personal spending habits. It is very important to be accurate in cost estimates… so do your research. A useful tool for converting currency can be found here: Currency Converter

Students receiving any type of Scholarship, Federal Financial Aid, and/or who need to request additional aid/loans to help pay for study abroad MUST take this approved budget form, signed by your study abroad advisorr, to the TU Financial Aid Office before your financial file is considered complete and before any funds to pay for your time abroad can be released by the TU Business Office.

Students not receiving Federal Financial Aid or those without scholarships do not need to submit this form to the Financial Aid Office. However, you will still be required to submit this form to the CGE as part of your completed application by the Pre-Departure Orientation.

Pre-departure orientation

Students are required to attend a pre-departure orientation in order to get useful information to prepare them to go abroad. They will hear from CGE staff and from students who already studied abroad. Orientation happens the Sunday before finals week. Attendance is mandatory in order for students to get the final approval to study abroad.

Click here to download the CGE Study Abroad Handbook

Click here to download the Study Abroad Checklist