Completed Research

Mitigating the Effects of Sexual Assault

This study will examine depression, substance use, positive and negative life changes, social support, health, rape attributions, and nightmare-related symptoms in addition to anxiety and posttraumatic stress among sexual assault survivors.  Additionally, this study is investigating the utilization of a brief video intervention. Lastly, this study intends to investigate possible relationships between genetic variations and distress via salivary samples.

Coping with Substance Abuse: TWCC

This project aims to examine psychological and social issues in a sample of women in an intensive inpatient treatment for substance abuse. In particular, we will examine parenting skills, mental health, and readiness to change of women in intensive treatment for substance abuse. This study is replicates the Reducing Incarceration of Substance-Abusing Women study, but in a one-time design rather than pre/post.

Personality Characteristics, Organizational Structure and Job Satisfaction of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)

This project is designed to investigate personality characteristics of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) and the organizational structure present in their work environments and which, if either, have an impact on job satisfaction and retention.

Assessment of Mental Health Practices in Oklahoma

This study will survey mental health professionals in the Tulsa-area regarding treatment of returning veterans. This study aims to understand the current level of training, common practices, and interest in future education pertaining to this population.

Newspaper Accounts of Domestic Violence Homicides in Oklahoma

This study is a content analysis examining the way that domestic violence is framed in newspaper accounts of domestic violence homicides in Oklahoma.

SANE Case Tracking

Data from sexual assault cases of adolescents and adults through the case files provided by the Tulsa Police Department [TPD], Tulsa Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner [SANE] Program, and the Oklahoma State Courts Network [OCSN] was collected for cases from 2004.

SANE Framing

A qualitative project analyzing in-depth interviews with SANE directors across the United States.

Dangerousness Assessment

Examined whether higher Danger Assessment (DA) total scores were linked to higher level of physical harm.

SANE Program Satisfaction (OCAST)

Assessed behavioral, emotional, and communicative abilities of nurses using a brief, self-report questionnaire.

GIS Class Project: Mapping (OCAST)

Examined the geographical and sociodemographics of those who seek forensic physical exams following sexual assault.



Glossary of Acronyms

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)

Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST)