Leadership and Members


Joanne L. Davis, Ph.D., Psychology

Dr. Davis has current TITAN projects examining issues related to sexual assault and domestic violence. She was awarded a grant in 2008 by the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology to examine the impact of a brief video intervention on the long-term mental health functioning of sexual assault survivors. Dr. Davis is also working with Dr. Robert Tett and several graduate and undergraduate students in partnership with local domestic violence agency, DVIS, on examining factors related to successful treatment of male domestic violence perpetrators. Dr. Davis is also director of the Trauma Research, Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment Center (TRAPT). TRAPT involves numerous graduate and undergraduate students who are exploring various issues related to trauma including treating nightmares.

Lara Foley, Ph.D., Sociology

Dr. Foley's research explores the ways in which Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) frame their role in the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) and their relationship with other agencies in the SART, how SANE programs construct or frame victims and perpetrators of sexual assault compared to other agencies, the negotiation and balancing of "providing quality health care" and "collecting forensic evidence", and the ways that SANEs construct privacy in the sexual assault exam. This research is based on more than 50 interviews with SANE coordinators around the country, extensive participant observation, and textual analysis. Dr. Foley has worked with student researchers to track cases of sexual assault through the criminal justice system in order to better understand the factors that lead to successful prosecution of sexual assault cases. She also supervised a Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) project examining domestic violence legislation in Ghana.

Elana Newman, Ph.D., Psychology

Dr. Newman, along with Noelle Balliet, a clinical psychology graduate student, and Kathy Bell, RN, from the SANE program, are the primary investigators for the Dangerousness Assessment Project. This project is an archival analysis of data from 1200 medical domestic violence exams collected from 2006 to 2008. Initial analyses will focus on identifying predictors of severe injuries and the utility of the Danger Assessment Instrument (Campbell, 1986). As of now, efforts are focused on constructing the database for future analyses. Students Rachel Wiedeman and Brandi Liles are collaborating with Dr. Newman on a jail diversion program for substance abusing women called Women In Recovery at Family and Children's Services of Oklahoma. TITAN members are conducting clinical assessments as well as conducting program evaluations.  
-Campbell, J. C. (1986). Nursing assessment for risk of homicide with battered women. Advances in Nursing Science, 8, 36-51.

Lisa Cromer, Ph.D., Psychology

Dr. Cromer joined TITAN in 2010. Dr. Cromer studies resilience to trauma and adversity. In particular, she is interested in attachment and cognitive mechanisms as they mediate the experience between a traumatic stressors and the psychological outcome.  Along with her TITAN students and collaborators, her projects include using therapy dogs to improve outcomes after sexual assault exams, looking at attitudes about human trafficking, health and resilience among college athletes, and examining attachment relationships between deployed guard and reserve service members and their young (stateside) children. She is the director of the Study of the Prevention of and Adjustment and Resilience to Trauma and Adversity (SPARTA) Laboratory at TU. Her lab is conducting multiple studies in the area of social cognitions about trauma and adversity that relate to resilience.

Kathleen Strunk, APRN, CNS, Nursing

Kathleen Strunk, Collins College of Business, School of Nursing, was recently awarded funding to support a research project entitled Personality Characteristics, Organizational Structure and Job Satisfaction of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). The purpose of the study is to investigate personality characteristics of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) and the organizational structure present in their work environments
and which, if either, have an impact on job satisfaction and retention in this high stress work environment.

Community Partners:

Kathy Bell, MS, RN 
Forensic Nursing Administrator 
Tulsa Police Department


If you are interested in learning more about any of these research projects, please contact the principal investigator above or the TITAN Program Coordinator, Jennifer Steward at TU.TITAN.Coordinator@gmail.com