Accreditation and Assessment

The University of Tulsa has maintained accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission since 1929 while other entities of The University (programs, departments, schools, etc.) maintain accreditation through specialized agencies.   In order to be accredited, an institution is required to assess current programs’ strengths and weaknesses against the criteria which comprise the institutional mission statement.  The institution is then expected to use that information to continually improve its program offerings. Though the general information included on this website refers primarily to The University of Tulsa, the accreditation and assessment processes required by specialized agencies are very similar.   

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the accreditation process and the assessment initiatives which support these processes.  A listing of the accreditation agencies with which TU is affiliated is available on the University and Program Accreditation page.  Inquiries about obtaining or reviewing documents that describe accreditation, approval, or licensing should be directed to the Office of University Assessment (918-631-3262).

The primary focus of Accreditation and Assessment initiatives is showing achievement of the objectives set forth in an institutional (or program) mission statement.


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