Institutional Assessment

A combination of direct and indirect measures is used to provide a multi-dimensional view of student learning at the institutional level.  These institutional initiatives include: Mission Statement Assessment Project (MSAP); Tulsa University Learning Assessment Project (TULAP); National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE) and Faculty Survey on Student Engagement (FSSE); online student course evaluations; and review of graduation rates, placement rates, graduate school acceptance, and passage of licensing exams.

Though some similarities exist within the institutional initiatives, they are based on very different models.  The MSAP and TULAP provide direct measures of student learning since they require actual demonstrations of knowledge and skills.  The MSAP uses an external, standardized exam to assess student learning related to the same mission statement goals every year while TULAP relies on internally-developed processes to assess student learning relative to two to three different learning goals per year.  NSSE and FSSE and the course evaluations provide indirect measures of student learning since they gather student reflections about their learning experiences.  Both NSSE and FSSE are administered every three years while the course evaluations are administered every fall and spring.