About the Internationalization Leadership Council

The Internationalization Leadership Council includes representation from each college and the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Services. The members of the ILC have specific responsibility to serve as the ‘internationalization liaison’ for their respective colleges or division; to award the Faculty Internationalization Grants; and to review proposals for new academic partnerships. The ILC members have also assumed key leadership positions with the projects described in this report and implemented as part of the SPCI. Members of the ILC were nominated by their respective dean or vice president for terms of 2 years (renewable for 1 term) or 3 years (non-renewing).

ILC Committee Members:

  • Dr. Cheryl Matherly, Vice Provost for Global Education
  • Dr. Bryan Tapp, Chair of Geosciences
  • Dr. Markham Collins, Professor of International Business
  • Dr. Richard Redner, Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean of Graduate School
  • Ms. Pamela Smith, Dean of International Services and Programs
  • Dr. Bruce Willis, Chair of Modern languages
  • Mr. Rex Zedalis, Professor of Law and Director of the Comparative and International Law Center