Top Students Recruitment

Recommendation #5: Create programs that will support TU’s activities to competitively recruit top academic students

TU is attracts undergraduate students who enter the University with significant AP or IB credit, which allows them more course options in their degree plans. In addition, an increasing number of these students come to TU with the expectation that their educational experience will include an international component. The SPCI recommended distinctive experiences for undergraduate and graduate students that can contribute to the University’s recruitment goals.

TU Global Scholars Program: A faculty and staff committee, chaired by Dr. Mark Collins, completed this spring a proposal for the TU Global Scholars program, a high-profile, selective program that will provide substantial international coursework, experience in other cultures, and intensive or immersive foreign language instruction to undergraduate students. The innovative program will involve students from all undergraduate colleges and include experiences that will enable them to examine the international issues associated with their academic major. Perhaps the most novel component to the program is an interdisciplinary summer study abroad program for students who have completed their freshman year that will provide a comparative examination of a global issue, such as energy, sustainability, or community health, in Oklahoma and in an abroad location. The program has been approved by the Deans’ Council, and is expected to begin with students arriving in Fall 2013.

International Living Community: Housing and Residence Life is establishing an International Living Learning Center, located in LaFortune Hall and & 7th Street House. The International Living Community offers an excellent opportunity for American students and international students to live together in an environment that fosters interaction and understanding. It is open to all members of the TU community with the goal of a balanced population of domestic and international students. The International Living Community concept is based on the belief that students from many different backgrounds and cultures working, studying and living together greatly enhances their educational experience and strengthening their campus living experience with the intercultural perspective helps provide the tools needed to standout in an increasingly global environment. The Community will feature weekly international-themed dinners and monthly cultural excursions in Tulsa.