Mission Statement

The Graduate School has adopted The University of Tulsa’s Mission Statement as its own mission. Individual graduate programs may have their own mission statements.

MBA Student Faculty Mentor Win Fulbright Awards

Fulbright grants enable MBA student Haden Snyder and his faculty mentor J.Markham Collins, professor of finance, to further their research in Europe by comparing ethnic groups interactions across neighboring countries.


MBA student Haden Snyder (BSIBL ‘06) and his faculty mentor J. Markham Collins, professor of finance, received Fulbright grants allowing them to further their research in Europe.

Since 2005, Collins and Snyder have conducted a joint research project investigating the diversity of workplace attitudes within different population groups. They have specifically looked at how Germans, Hungarians and Romanians interact. Snyder’s research presentation, entitled “Deciphering Romania: A Cultural Study of the Ethnic Germans, Hungarians, and Romanians Living in Transylvania,” won second place in TU’s Ninth Annual Student Research Colloquium in 2006.

Snyder was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach English language and conversation to high school students in Germany during the 2007-2008 academic year.

Collins, who is the director of TU’s International Business and Entrepreneurship Institute and also serves as the college’s associate dean for academic programs, was a Fulbright guest lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Economic Science at Eszterhazy Karoly College in Eger, Hungary.

While in Europe, Snyder and Collins expanded their research in Germany, Hungary and Romania by gathering data from a larger sample size of the population to compare how different ethnic groups interact across neighboring countries.

The University of Tulsa Mission

 The University of Tulsa is a private, independent, doctoral-degree-granting institution whose mission reflects these core values: excellence in scholarship, dedication to free inquiry, integrity of character, and commitment to humanity.

The university achieves its mission by educating men and women of diverse backgrounds and cultures to:

  • become literate in the sciences, humanities, and arts;
  • think critically, and write and speak clearly;
  • succeed in their professions and careers;
  • behave ethically in all aspects of their lives;
  • welcome the responsibility of citizenship, service, and leadership in a changing world; and
  • acquire the skills and appetite for lifelong learning.

Adopted by The Board of Trustees
May 14, 2014