Our Academic Approach

Outside McFarlinGraduate education at the University of Tulsa is based upon a belief that effective graduate education takes place both on and off campus: in classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, but also through internships and practica, study abroad experiences, and attending academic conferences to present their research. Our faculty engage in research as part of an active international community of scholars, ensuring that their students are in touch with the latest ideas, information, and technology from around the world.

Graduate students at TU gain a rigorous intellectual foundation in their discipline, but also the awareness and skills to investigate and solve problems in interesting and interdisciplinary ways. Graduate students work closely with faculty members, often times from several different disciplines, in attempting to address problems in engineering, sciences, business, humanities, and the arts. Through this training, our graduate students are prepared to serve an ever-changing world on a global scale.

The Graduate School believes that the best graduate programs prepare their students to be conscientious intellectuals and professionals. To foster this preparedness, the Graduate School offers a series of Life Skills workshops and an annual Research Colloquium to familiarize current graduate students with the professional expectations of their discipline and society at large. In addition, the Graduate School makes available funds for students to gain valuable experience on campus as research or teaching assistants, or off campus by presenting research at a conference, believing that these interactions best prepare students for their professional lives after graduation.