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Engineering Sustainability

Working off the grid in a remote area with few supplies, an ambitious (and resourceful) group of eight undergraduate and two graduate ENS students spent their summer 2008 vacation in China building eight engineering projects for rural villagers.

This was the second summer that volunteers from the TU student group, Sustainable Energy for North East Asia (SENEA), traveled to Jilin province near the North Korean border to work on a project called the Sustainable Shepherd’s Residence (SSR). Six of the students are also members of the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC), which funded their transportation costs.

The SSR serves as a ‘model home’ of sustainable energy systems for the region, and many visitors from high positions in the Jilin province and from North Korea have visited and have scheduled visits to see the residence.

“No book can teach you how to function in a real world situation like we had to do while in China,” said Blake Hylton. ”You can’t sit in a classroom and learn how to go down to a scrap yard, look at a pile of twisted pipes and rusty sheet metal, and visualize how to make it into something functional. That only comes from having been there and doing it yourself.”

Student-volunteers plan to return to the shepherd’s residence next summer where they will be continuing their existing projects and beginning new projects.

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Application Forms


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