General Student Forms

Change of Degree Request Form

For Engineering students seeking to change between Master's of Engineering (ME) and Master's of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree programs within their discipline.

Course Drop/Add Form

For students seeking to drop and/or add one or more courses.

Contract for Grade of Incomplete

Must be completed before a grade of incomplete (I) is submitted for any student.

Approval of Thesis and Dissertation Committee

Must be completed for Graduate School approval of Thesis or Dissertation Committee.

Report on Progress Toward Completion of Doctoral Degree 

Must be completed by all doctoral students in consultation with their advisor. Due to the Graduate School by May 1 of each year.

Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit

For all graduate students seeking to transfer graduate credit from another university. Master's students are allowed to transfer up to six credit hours and doctoral students and MFA students are allowed to transfer up to 12 credit hours.

Graduate Degree Application

Must be completed by all master's and doctoral students at the beginning of, or during, the semester in which they intend to graduate. 

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form

All graduate students seeking reimbursement for academic-related travel expenses must complete the Travel Expense Reimbursement form and return it to the Graduate School.

Graduate Student TU Business Card 

All currently enrolled TU graduate students with a minimum 3.0 graduate GPA are eligible to order TU Business Cards. Graduate students must follow the procedure outlined on the documentation. The Business Cards must be approved by the student's advisor, Collegiate Dean, and the Dean of the Graduate School.


Administrative Forms

Graduate Student Payroll Authorization Form

Use this form to initiate payment of Graduate Students supported by research grants, contracts, administrative accounts, or other restricted accounts. Please return completed and signed form to the Graduate School Office, 201 Lorton Hall. Direct any questions regarding this form to 631-2291.


Assistantship / Fellowship / Scholarship Applications

Applicants interested in being considered for a teaching or research assistantship should select "Yes" for the assistantship section of the admission application and submit a copy of their resume or CV to the Graduate School. Applications seeking assistantship consideration should be received no later than February 1st.

Students interested in a teaching or research assistantship should submit a copy of their current resume or CV to their graduate program advisor or research advisor and make them aware of their interest.

Bellwether Fellowship Application  (Available August 2014)

Bellwether Fellowship Extension Application (Available August 2014)

***These fellowships are only available to current University of Tulsa doctoral students nearing completion of their doctoral degree.***

  • Bellwether Fellowships are to assist TU doctoral candidates in the completion of their degree. The selected fellowship recipients are expected to be leaders in their respective disciplines and trendsetters for The University of Tulsa doctoral degree.
  • The recipients will receive an award up to 21 credits in tuition, stipend of $13,500 for 12 months, and University housing for up to 12 months, including student health insurance.
  • To be eligible for an award, a doctoral student must be admitted to candidacy (passed all qualifying or comprehensive exams and successfully defended the prospectus or dissertation proposal) and can demonstrate a good track record with respect to timely completion of Ph.D. milestones.
  • Candidates for the award are expected to be in the writing stage of their dissertation work with the majority of the research (and data collection where applicable) completed.
  • Application deadline is January 17; applications are available from the Graduate School Office.  

Chapman Graduate Scholar Presentation Award

The University of Tulsa Chapman Graduate Scholar Presentation Awards Program provides assistance for graduate students to present their scholarship in a national or international forum to enhance the student's career opportunities.

  • Any enrolled graduate student who is a senior author on an abstract and orally presenting research conducted at the University of Tulsa may apply.
  • The maximum amount of an individual award will be $1000 for master's students and $1500 for doctoral students.
  • Applications for support during an academic year must be submitted by the end of the second week of classes during the fall or spring semesters; for a summer presentation, the request must be submitted by the end of the second week of the spring semester.