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Obtain a copy of the "Guidelines for the Preparation of the Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation" and the "Thesis Dissertation Checklist" from The Graduate School Office, Lorton Hall 201. These guidelines, as well as samples and templates, are also available at the bottom of this web page.

The student is responsible for making all corrections or changes as designated by the student's committee. Prior to submitting the manuscript to The Graduate School Office for review, the student must have completed the defense and have made any corrections required by the student's committee. The student must also obtain the committee's approval as demonstrated by a completed signature page signed by all of the student's committee members. 

The student’s committee must sign the signature page before The Graduate School can review the manuscript. However, it is important to submit a copy of the signature page to The Graduate School for review prior to obtaining committee member signatures. The Graduate School will be able to ensure that the formatting of the signature page is correct prior to obtaining the necessary signatures.  The signature page can be reviewed in person via hard copy at the Graduate School office or your can email an electronic, word version for review to Hope Geiger at

Deliver the thesis or dissertation draft on plain paper to The Graduate School for review. Plan to leave it with The Graduate School Office for approximately 72 hours. When allowing for this review time, please do not include weekends or holidays. The Graduate School will provide doctoral students with information about submitting their dissertation to UMI/ProQuest using the TU ETD system on the web at as well as with the "Survey of Earned Doctorates" link to be completed by the student online at

The Graduate School will contact the student once the manuscript review has been completed. Make any corrections to the thesis or dissertation noted by The Graduate School reviewer.

Have a minimum of three copies made on 25% rag/cotton paper. The 25% rag/cotton paper is available at most office supply stores in Tulsa.

Bring all copies of the thesis or dissertation you wish to have bound to The Graduate School.  The Graduate School will make copies of the Title Page, Signature Page and Abstract -- one for the student's official academic file and one for the Registrar's Office.

Obtain an "Approval & Binding of Thesis & Dissertation" form in The Graduate School Office. The Graduate School will initiate completion of the form, which must then be routed to the Business Office (for payment of fees) and the library (for depositing of the thesis or dissertation).

Take the "Approval & Binding of Thesis & Dissertation" form to the Bursar's Office to pay for binding and other fees. The "Approval & Binding of Thesis & Dissertation" form must be signed and dated by the Bursar's Office after payment of fees. Take the thesis/dissertation copies, the "Approval & Binding of Thesis & Dissertation" form, and a "Thesis/Dissertation Form" to the library (Periodical Desk). The "Approval & Binding of Thesis & Dissertation" form must be signed and dated by the library to verify delivery of the copies for binding. After you have acquired all signatures and deposited your paper copies in the Library, return the "Approval & Binding of Thesis & Dissertatio" form to the Graduate School.

Doctoral students will submit a PDF version of their dissertation to UMI/ProQuest. They can do so using the TU ETD system, available on the web at at no charge, or submit a paper copy and pay $65. If you have any questions or concerns about submission of your dissertation using the ETD system, please contact Hope Geiger, Assistant Director, at

Deadlines for deposit of thesis/dissertation in the library:

Spring graduates - April 15
Fall graduates - December 1
Summer graduates - last day of summer classes

Return the completed "Approval & Binding of Thesis & Dissertation" form showing the three signatures to The Graduate School.
All of the above steps must be followed prior to the awarding of the degree.

*NOTE TO DOCTORAL CANDIDATES: All Doctoral Candidates must complete The Survey of Earned Doctorates online at You must also submit your dissertation to UMI/ProQuest using the TU ETD system and it must be approved by the ETD administrator. Both of these must be completed, in addition to the submission of the paper copies of your dissertation, before you are eligible for graduation.

Guidelines for the Preparation of the Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

Thesis and Dissertation Checklist

Microsoft Word Templates and Samples for Thesis and Dissertation

**Please save the Templates and Samples files to your personal folder on Filer after opening and before modifying them.**

Microsoft Word Templates - Word 97-2003 version  

Microsoft Word Templates - Word 2007 version  

TUthesis Latex Samples and Templates

Latex Samples and Templates  


For more information, contact the Graduate School at (918) 631-2336