Graduate Financial Assistance

The University of Tulsa Graduate School offers a number of assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships to admitted and enrolled full-time graduate students. Assistantship and fellowship awards include both a monthly stipend to cover living expenses as well as tuition coverage and student health insurance. Scholarship awards generally only cover tuition.

International Exchange TU to Partner with China University of Petroleum

Dr. Michael Troilo, Wellspring Assistant Professor of International Business and China scholar, has instrumental role in facilitating international exchange program with the China University of Petroleum, in Beijing.

Dr. Michael Troilo, Wellspring Assistant Professor of International Business and scholar of entrepreneurship in China, played an instrumental role in facilitating negotiations with representatives from the China University of Petroleum, Beijing. Their visit to The University of Tulsa resulted in President Steadman Upham signing an exchange agreement with CUP in April, 2008. 

Since Fall 2009, students from CUP have studied at the TU, and soon, TU students will have the opportunity to study overseas at one of China’s top 50 universities. The best and brightest from CUP — five to 10 students a year — will finish their junior and senior years at TU and be cultural ambassadors for their country.

“The China University of Petroleum is considered among the most prestigious schools in China and has a quality economic environment,” said Dean Gale Sullenberger. “Our students will have a chance to meet and interact with the future leaders of China. This area of the world is the new frontier of economic growth and will be significant for decades to come.”

Visiting officials from CUP included President Zhang Laibin, Professor Xudong Sun
and Deputy Director Zhaoxia Dong. During their visit good will was exchanged, along with gifts and toasts at Upham’s home, as they sought to iron out details of their new relationship with TU.

“We rolled out the red carpet for the representatives,” said Mike Troilo, assistant professor of international business. “Their students are the crème de la crème of Asia, and we’re so excited to have the benefit of having these students on our campus. And when our students begin studying in China, they’ll experience firsthand what it’s like living in a country that has such prominence in a global setting.”

In addition to the Collins College of Business, CUP will also partner with the TU Department of Petroleum Engineering.

Stipends vary according to the amount of work required and the experience of the student. Full-time awards include a minimum stipend of approximately $13,000 for the nine-month academic year, with several awards having higher stipend amounts. Tuition scholarship awards covering up to nine credit hours of tuition per semester are also available. Tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year is $1120 per credit hour for all graduate students.

Students awarded financial assistance must be enrolled in at least nine hours of graduate work during the fall and spring semesters. Students must also maintain a 3.0 grade-point average in graduate studies to remain on an assistantship, fellowship, or scholarship.

The University of Tulsa considers that a full-time graduate student receiving a graduate assistantship has a full-time commitment. Any employment in addition to the assistantship is specifically prohibited. Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of the assistantship.

Applicants interested in a teaching or research assistantship should submit their application for admission no later than February 1st for admission the next fall semester. Some specialized assistantship, fellowship, and scholarship programs have a deadline of January 15th and require the submission of a separate application. Please consult the specific award program for the correct application deadline.


Need-Based Financial Aid

Need-based financial assistance for all students is handled by the Office of Student Financial Services. For more information about these funding opportunities, please visit their website: