External Scholarship and Fellowship Information

 The following list is an overview of graduate scholarship and fellowship information we have received at the University of Tulsa Graduate School. This list is not meant to be a complete listing of all available external funding opportunities. A more extensive list of external funding opportunities is available at: http://www7.nationalacademies.org/fellowships/othfells.html.

The Graduate School does not endorse any of the agencies or programs listed below.

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American Association of University Women (AAUW)--Educational Foundation Fellowships

Tel: (202) 728-7602
Email: foundation@aauw.org  

Project Abigail

Project Abigail Inspires

After celebrating the grand finale of an unforgettable project, University of Tulsa engineering students and faculty want to expand their research on designing and developing devices for those with special needs.

It started in 2006 when Kaveh Ashenayi, professor of electrical engineering, assigned his senior-level class a unique design project: build a custom electric wheelchair that would increase mobility for Abigail Laipple, an eight-year-old girl with cerebral palsy.

TU students took the project to heart, working on various versions of Abigail’s chair for two years, well after they had completed Ashenayi’s course. Alumni, friends, and corporate sponsors rallied behind the project and raised about $15,000 for specialty equipment.

“These students have spent more than 2,000 hours outside of the classroom perfecting the design of this project,” Ashenayi said. “Their dedication has been amazing.”

TU electrical engineering students combined software and technology so that Abigail could interact with her world through switches and a screen that she can access easily. Some of the chair’s specially designed features include a microprocessor that drives the chair with push buttons controlled by Abigail’s head movements; safety sensors that detect obstacles or stairs to automatically stop the chair; and a laptop that allows Abigail to choose which movie she wants to watch, which game she’d like to play, and which one of her favorite Elvis tunes she’d like to hear.

“The doctors told me she wouldn’t walk and she wouldn’t talk, and they’ve found a way for her to walk and talk,” Meg Laipple, Abigail’s mother, told reporters at a special reception on November 29, 2007 celebrating the project. “This is an answer to prayer.”

At the reception, Kyle Smith (BS ’05) on behalf of his fellow employees at Dresser-Rand, made a special presentation to Abigail and her family to inaugurate this new phase in her life. Employees at Dresser-Rand raised money to buy the family a new digital camera and accessories to replace one that had been stolen.

“We hope that Abigail’s family can now capture her development and her new-found independence with the chair,” Smith said. “Abigail, her family, and the TU engineers involved in this project are an inspiration for us all.”

The success of “Project Abigail” has encouraged TU professors to build on their experience working with her to help others in the community. TU electrical and mechanical engineering departments are coordinating on a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Research to Aid Persons with Disabilities program.

“Some of the things TU students have designed for Abigail don’t exist in any other chair available on the market,” said Theodore Manikas, assistant professor of electrical engineering. “We want to explore how these breakthroughs can help others.”

Outside support is also growing for TU’s research. The departments are working with St. Francis rehabilitation center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Sunrise Medical to aid their future design efforts. They also recently received financial support from the Assistive Technology Development Program of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the National Institute for the Severely Handicapped (NISH).

American Indian Graduate Center-- Fellowships and Scholarships

Tel: (1-800) 628-1920

American Psychological Association (APA)--Fellowships and Awards

Tel: (202) 336-6127
Email: mfp@apa.org  

Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Research Fellowships

Tel: (845) 639-6799
Email: hhwf@earthlink.net  

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI)--Scholarships Awards

Tel: (202) 543-1771
Email: chci@chci.org  

Ford Foundation--Fellowships and Scholarships

Tel: (202) 334-2872
Email: infofell@nas.edu  

Ford Motor Company/ Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC) Scholars Program

Tel: (323) 262-0997
Email: adm9@mellcom.com  

Gates Millennium Scholars

Tel: (877) 690-4677
Email: info@gmsp.org  

Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada--Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship

Tel: (312) 977-9700

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Tel: (877) 473-4636

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)--National Scholarship Fund

Tel: (202) 833-6130
Email: lnescaward@aol.com  

National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA)

Tel: (214) 428-1622
Email: nshmba@sprintmail.com  

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Foundation

Tel: (323) 888-2080

U.S. Department of Education--Jacob Javits Fellowship Program

Tel: (877) 433-7827

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation--Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Tel: (609) 452-7007

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation--Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships in Humanistic Studies

Tel: (800) 899-9963
Email: mellon@woodrow.org  

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation--Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Grants in Women's Studies

Tel: (609) 452-7007

World Studio Foundation Scholarships

Tel: (212) 366-1317
Email: scholarships@worldstudio.org  

Xerox Corporation--Technical Minority Scholarship Fund

Tel: (716) 422-7689

Brookings Institution--Foreign Policy Studies Predoctoral Fellowship Program

Tel: (202) 797-6016
Email: fpcomment@brook.edu  

Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Program

Tel: (215) 861-3066

Smithsonian Institution--Fellowship Programs

Tel: (202) 287-3271

SAE Scholarships and Forgivable Loan Programs

Tel: (724) 772-4047
Email: connie@sae.org  

Women's Research and Education Institute (WREI)--Congressional Fellowship on Women and Public Policy

Tel: (202) 628-0444

Dartmouth College--Dissertation Fellowships

Tel: (603) 646-2107

Institute of International Education--Fulbright Program

Tel: (212) 984-5400

NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program (GSRP)

Tel: (202) 358-0402
Email: gsrp@hq.nasa.gov  

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences--Fellowship Program

Tel: (650) 321-2052
Email: info@casbs.stanford.edu  

NASA--Harriett G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship Program

Tel: (703) 205-7635
Email: malaika.lewis-picard@uncfsp.org  

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation--Research Fellowship Program

Tel: (202) 783-1907
Email: avh@bellatlantic.net  

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution--Fellowships

Tel: (508) 289-2219
Email: postdoc@whoi.edu  

National Science Foundation--Graduate Research Fellowships

Tel: (865) 241-4300
Email: nsfgrfp@orau.gov  
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The J. Paul Getty Trust--Grants to Scholars

Tel: (301) 440-7320

Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships

Tel: (312) 337-7000

East-West Center Scholarships

Tel: (808) 944-7735
Email: ewcuhm@EastWestCenter.org  

Newberry Library--Fellowships in the Humanities

Tel: (312) 255-3666
Email: research@newberry.org  

Whitaker Foundation--Biomedical Engineering Grants

Tel: (703) 528-2430
Email: info@whitaker.org  

EPA--National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellowships

Email: jojokian.sheri@epamail.epa.gov  

Society of Women Engineers--Scholarship Program

Tel: (312) 596-5223
Email: HQ@swe.org  

National Endowment for the Humanities

Tel: (202) 606-8400

National Security Education Program--David L. Boren Graduate Fellowships

Tel: 1-800-498-9360
Email: nsep@aed.org  

Department of Housing and Urban Development--Doctoral Dissertation Research Grants

Tel: (301) 519-5767
Email: oup@oup.org  

Knowles Science Teaching Fellowships

Tel: (856) 608-0001
Email: info@kstf.org  

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships

Tel: (202) 331-3516
Email: ndseg@asee.org  

American Society of Mechanical Engineers--Loans, Scholarships, and Fellowships

Tel: 1-800-843-2763
Email: infocentral@asme.org  

American Association for the Advancement of Science--Fellowships

Tel: (202) 326-6700
Email: science_policy@aaas.org  

The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program

Tel: (212) 497-3500
Email: info@cdsintl.org  

Keats-Shelley Association-- Carl H. Pforzheimer Jr. Research Grants


Woodrow Wilson Foundation Graduate Student Grants and Fellowships

Tel: (609) 452-7007

Center for Retirement Research at Boston College Fellowships

Tel: (617) 552-1762
Email: crr@bc.edu  
Boston College Research Center

ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences

Tel: (800) 227-5558
Email: help@acs.org  

ACS Award for Encouraging Disadvantaged Students into Careers in the Chemical Sciences

Tel: (800) 227-5558
Email: help@acs.org  

EPA Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Graduate Fellowships

Tel: (800) 490-9194
Email: willett.stephanie@epa.gov  
EPA Website

AcademicKeys.com Future Faculty Grants

Tel: (860) 429-0218
Email: ffg@academickeys.com  

Marshall Sherfield Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Tel: (713) 659-6270
Email: m.denyer@acu.ac.uk  

Canada Studies Graduate Student Fellowship Program

Tel: (202) 682-7727
Email: AcademicRelations@CanadianEmbassy.org      

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships

Tel: (202) 334-2872
Email: infofell@nas.edu  

East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship & Asia Pacific Leadership Program

Tel: (808) 944-7735
Email: scholarships@eastwestcenter.org  

National Physical Science Consortium: Graduate Fellowships in the Physical Sciences 

Tel: (213) 743-2409
Email: npschq@npsc.org  

DOE Office of Science Student Research Program 

Email: sc.scgsr@science.doe.gov