Ben Henneke Research Fellowship 

This award honors the university’s first Trustees Professor of Humanities and President Emeritus, Ben Graf Henneke.

  • The applicant must be a citizen of the United States and either be seeking full-time enrollment or be enrolled full-time in a master’s degree program within the Arts and Humanities (anthropology, art, education, English language and literature, history, psychology, or speech/language pathology).
  • For 2014-2015, the award carried a 9-month stipend of $12,500 and nine credit hours of tuition for each of the fall and spring semesters, as well as six credits of summer tuition when appropriate, including student health insurance.
  • Application deadline is January 15; applications are available from the Graduate School Office.

John S. Zink Fellowship for Students with Physical Disabilities 

This endowed fellowship is available to aid TU students with physical disabilities, and is given to students in any graduate program.

  • Fellowship amounts are variable and awarded on the basis of need.
  • To qualify, you must be admitted to The University of Tulsa, be in good academic standing, qualify for services provided by The Center for Student Academic Support, and be registered to receive those services.
  • Application deadline is January 15; application forms are available from the Graduate School Office.

Bellwether Fellowship (Available September 2014)

Bellwether Fellowship Extension (Available September 2014)

***These fellowships are only available to current University of Tulsa doctoral students nearing completion of their doctoral degree.***

  • Bellwether Fellowships are to assist TU doctoral candidates in the completion of their degree. The selected fellowship recipients are expected to be leaders in their respective disciplines and trendsetters for The University of Tulsa doctoral degree.
  • The recipients will receive an award up to 21 credits in tuition, stipend of $13,500 for 12 months, and University housing for up to 12 months, including student health insurance.
  • To be eligible for an award, a doctoral student must be admitted to candidacy (passed all qualifying or comprehensive exams and successfully defended the prospectus or dissertation proposal) and can demonstrate a good track record with respect to timely completion of Ph.D. milestones.
  • Candidates for the award are expected to be in the writing stage of their dissertation work with the majority of the research (and data collection where applicable) completed.
  • Application deadline is no later than January 15; applications are available from the Graduate School Office.