General Interest Graduate Publications

2014-2015 Graduate School Bulletin 

The Graduate School Bulletin contains all policies and guidelines concerning graduate studies at the University of Tulsa. It also contains detailed descriptions of each graduate degree program at TU. The Bulletin is updated every two years.

Graduate School Viewbook

The Graduate School viewbook provides an insight in to academic and social life at The University of Tulsa.

Graduate Research Opportunities

Whether you are interested in pursuing a master’s or a doctoral degree, these are important questions as you consider graduate studies at The University of Tulsa and its associated research opportunities.

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines 

All students enrolled in a degree program which requires the completion of a thesis or dissertation should consult these guidelines in completing their work. The guidelines outline a number of important issues, including the proper formatting of the work and sources to ensure proper citation and utilization of sources.

Graduate Assistantship Handbook 

This handbook includes important information about the requirements and expectations of those graduate students working as teaching/research/or administrative assistants on the TU campus. A workshop for new graduate assistants is offered prior to each fall semester in conjunction with the New Graduate Student Orientation program.

Student Handbook 

The University of Tulsa Student Handbook is intended to provide students with academic and social information that will enhance their success as a student. The handbook addresses questions and concerns students face on a daily basis. The handbook helps students to know which people and organizations they should contact for various kinds of assistance.

Chronicle of Higher Education "Graduate Student Electronic Newsletter"

This electronic newsletter has news and advice on surviving graduate school - from planning your dissertation to navigating the job market. Interested students must sign up at the link above to receive it.

Graduate Advisor's Handbook 

All graduate faculty who advise graduate students should read the Graduate Advisor’s Handbook. It contains useful information about the policies and procedures of the Graduate School and how advisors can assist the Graduate School and their graduate students to ensure that everyone’s graduate educational experiences at TU are positive and productive.