African American Studies

Teresa Reed, Music

Advisory Board
Bob Jackson, English
Lydie Meunier, French
Jan Wilson, History

The certificate program in African American studies is designed for traditional and non-traditional students who want to gain an understanding of the history, literature, and culture of African Americans. Students must be in the process of completing a degree at The University of Tulsa or have already earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university.

Students must complete 18 hours of approved course work, 9 of which must be at or above the 3000 level. At least 3 hours must be in a course addressing people of African descent outside of the United States. Approved courses are listed each semester in the Schedule of Classes, and students should select courses that satisfy the following requirements:  Core Course (6 hours are mandatory for all students); Literature and the Arts (select from approved courses in black literature, language, theatre, and music); Social Inquiry (select from approved courses that treat legal, sociological and anthropological aspects of black life); History (select from approved courses that treat various aspects of the history of black people of African descent).

Certificate Requirements

Credit Hours

Literature and the Arts  3 or 6 
Social Inquiry  3 or 6 
History  3 or 6 
Total Required for Certificate 18

Required Core Courses

   HIST 2543, Africans in the Americas from Slavery to Freedom

   HIST 2583, Africans in America: From Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement  or
ENGL 2083, African American Autobiography

Note: Freshman and senior seminars on African American subject matter, internships in the African American community, and study abroad programs may also receive credit toward the certificate, pending the approval of the director and the advisory board.

Students interested in fulfilling the requirements of the certificate program should consult the program director.