Our Mission

The mission of the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences is to provide a modern, high-quality educational experience for all of our students.  We provide the knowledge and principles upon which engineering and science are founded in order to graduate engineers and scientists who are technically competent, creative, literate, ethically informed, and socially aware.

Trike Project Team

Human-Powered Vehicle for a Disabled Child

There are currently few or no commercially available options for street-worthy vehicles, comparable to a bicycle, for a wheelchair-bound child.

A group of mechanical engineering students has changed that - at least for one little girl.  The team designed a three-wheeled(tadpole-style) pedaled vehicle for a 6-year old girl recently paralyzed in an auto accident.

The vehicle was fabricated primarily from two BMX bicycles, and numerous component donations from local bicycle shops. It is powered by two levers and a chain drive. It utilizes a unique steering mechanism that, is completely controlled by the two drive levers. The braking system is controlled by hand levers on each drive lever. Dru in Trike