Changing Majors and Minors

To change from one major in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS) to another major within ENS requires a change of major form to be completed. This is the same form required if you plan to add a minor. Students keep the same balance sheet for the duration of their time at TU, so if course requirements change for their major, students already working towards that major will not be affected unless it is a requirement dictated by our accrediting body. If you switch majors, the balance sheet you will receive is whatever balance sheet for that major which is in effect at the time you complete the change of major form.

Adding a second major

A second major can be declared with a change of major form. If a student is declaring a second major which is outside of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the student should complete paperwork in both college advising offices so she/he can be assigned a faculty advisor from both colleges and find out what course requirements they must complete for each degree plan. Students should also email or send a letter to the associate deans of both colleges requesting permission to double major. We can provide contact information if you do not know whom to address for permission.

Changing majors to a major outside of ENS

Students wishing to switch their current major to a major which resides in another college (Arts and Sciences or Business) on campus should request a change of division form from their current college. Both the departing college and the new college advising offices will need to sign this form. If a student is on academic probation, please check with the new college first, as the new college may not accept students until they are off of probation. Please see an academic advisor in either college for more information or questions.

Adding a minor

Students within the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences may add a minor or minors from any minors the University of Tulsa offers. Specific minor requirements and courses required for each minor are listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students must complete all courses listed for that minor in order to receive it upon graduation. Please check with the Advising office if you have questions regarding the requirements for a certain minor.