Enrollment process and procedures

New students work directly with an academic advisor to enroll for classes. Continuing students will receive detailed information about each enrollment period shortly before registration via e-mail and postings throughout the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. 

NEW Students (including transfer students)

You will be contacted by an advisor or you can make an appointment to meet with an advisor for your initial enrollment. Registration for your first semester is completed through the Advising office. This can be done in person, on the phone or through e-mail correspondence depending on your preference for enrollment method. If you have AP, IB or college credits, let us know this during your enrollment appointment. For transfer students, a transfer evaluation of your previous coursework must be completed PRIOR to your enrollment appointment to ensure that all transferable credits are counted towards your intended TU major.

Continuing Students

Enrollment occurs near the 10th week of each semester for the following semester. 

  • Students can pick up their enrollment card packet approximately two weeks before the registration period begins and will be notified of its availability via email and postings throughout Keplinger Hall. This packet will contain a preprinted enrollment card, an instruction sheet with details on options for enrollment and a copy of the student’s current balance sheet(s). We utilize the balance sheet as a worksheet so if something is missing or out of place, you can make the changes so you can make appropriate decisions about your enrollment with you faculty advisor.
  • Registration date is based on class standing and is calculated using COMPLETED credits only and for freshmen and sophomores the last 2 digits of the student ID number (this schedule is subject to change so check your email and postings throughout Keplinger Hall for current semester information): 
 Class standing  Registration day Completed credits needed
 Seniors  Day One  90 or more
 Juniors  Day Two  60 to 89
 Sophomores  Day Three and Four  30 to 59
 Freshmen  Day Five and Six  1 to 29
 New students (including transfers)  By appointment   Not applicable
  • Students must clear any holds placed on your enrollment. Holds are listed on the enrollment card and must be cleared in the office placing the hold (i.e. Business Office, Admissions, International Student Services) before will be able to enroll. Ask us if you need to know where to go to get a particular hold cleared. A few holds may not be able to be removed (ex. Academic/Dean’s office) and will prevent students with these holds from registering online - we empathize with your situation, but if your hold cannot be removed, you'll have to register in the Advising office on or after your appropriate day.
  • Once a student has their enrollment card, he/she should meet with their faculty advisor. Enrollment cards must be signed by the student’s faculty advisor before enrollment may occur. The faculty advisor’s name is listed on the enrollment card. We can supply contact information if you are unsure where to find your faculty advisor.
  • If you wish to enroll online, you must bring your completed enrollment card to the Advising office BEFORE your enrollment date. We will keep the original and make you a copy. If you run into problems registering online, you MUST BRING THIS COPY BACK when stopping by to fix the problems as we will not be able to find your original card during the peak of registration. Students are responsible for making sure they get enrolled – bringing in a completed enrollment card only means we open online enrollment, we will only enroll you in classes if it is your enrollment day and you tell us you’d like to be enrolled while you wait. If a student wants the Advising office to enroll them, they just need to bring their completed card on or after their enrollment date and we will enroll you and you’ll leave the office with a printout of your schedule.

    NOTE: If the section of a course closes before your registration occurs, you may choose another section. If you decide to take a course other than those approved by your advisor on your enrollment card, you must complete a drop/add form. The only exception to this rule is if the block course you wish to take has closed, you may choose another block course if your advisor had approved a block course on your enrollment card.

Please stop by the Advising Office or check with your Faculty Advisor if you have questions regarding enrollment.

Dropping and adding classes after initial enrollment

Students may add classes through the end of the second week of classes for any given semester.

Students may drop classes through the end of the third week of the semester without the course showing on the student’s transcript. After the third week and before the end of the 12th week, it is considered a withdrawal and this will show on the student’s transcript as a W. A W does not count in the student’s GPA, but does show they did not complete the course.

ALL schedule changes require the completion of a pink drop/add form available in the Advising office and approval of the student’s faculty advisor. It may also require the signature of the instructor for the course being added or dropped. Please ask if you need to know whom needs to sign your drop/add. Please make sure they are filled out completely before bringing them to the Advising office for processing.

Late enrollments (initial enrollment for a given semester) are accepted through the end of the first week of classes. After this date, a petition completed through the Advising office must be approved to enroll.