Pass-fail course policies

The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences allows students to take some courses on a pass/fail basis. Students may take courses offered by departments outside of the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences AND not specifically listed on their balance sheet. For example, ENGL 1033 cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis because it is a required course for all ENS majors and is a specific course listed on all balance sheets. Courses previously taken for a letter grade may not be repeated on a pass/fail basis.

Pass/fail should more accurately be labeled as Pass, D/F since students who have elected to take a course on a pass/fail basis need to earn a C or better in order to receive a P on their transcript. D’s or F’s earned in courses declared pass/fail go on the transcript as such. If a student earns a Pass, they receive credit for that course, but it will not affect their GPA. D’s or F’s do count towards the students GPA.

Pass/fail procedures

If a student wishes to take a course pass/fail, they must declare this intention before the end of the third week of the semester by filling out a pass/fail form in the Advising office. This form will be signed by the student and their faculty advisor. After the third week of the semester, students are not allowed to change whether a course is taken graded or pass/fail.