Transfer credit policies and procedures

The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences requires current students to obtain approval for transfer course(s) PRIOR to taking classes at another institution. Students wishing to take classes at another institution, must complete a petition form in the Advising office. We require pre-approval so students do not take classes which are not equivalent and would therefore not be allowed to transfer toward their academic requirements. We also have students get pre-approval for taking classes elsewhere so no policies relating to transfer credit are violated – violation of in-place policies without prior Advising office approval would also mean the courses could not transfer.

  • Students may not retake a course elsewhere that they have attempted at The University of Tulsa. This includes courses where a W has been taken.
  • Students may not take courses elsewhere if they are within their last 45 credit hours.
  • Tuition differentials, personal finances or the fact a course may be easier at another institution do not qualify as reasons a student needs to take a course at another institution.
  • Students must also earn a C or better in courses they have approval to transfer, and courses may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.
  • There may be additional requirements relating to transfer courses based on individual major requirements or student circumstances, but those circumstances will be addressed at the time a student seeks transfer course approval.