Master of Science in Biology

Master’s Degree Program Graduate training in biology at the M.S. level is intended to prepare students for career opportunities in education, industry, and government, or for continued graduate studies.

A joint Juris Doctor/Master of Science program also is available for students interested in an interdisciplinary degree encompassing training both in law and biological science. The J.D./M.S. degree is a non-thesis program.

General Requirements

Students admitted to the program will work with a professor in a specified area of research. Students must plan a program of courses and overall research goals in consultation with their supervising professor. By the end of the second semester of full-time study, the student’s advisory committee must be declared, and a detailed research proposal must be submitted to that committee for approval by the end of the third semester. Changes in the program thereafter will be subject to the approval of the advisory committee.

To qualify for the M.S. degree, candidates must meet the general residence and academic requirements outlined in the Graduate Bulletin and:

1) Complete 30 credit hours of graduate work, including three elective courses (9 hours), Seminar in Biology (6 hours), with remaining hours from Research Experience and thesis research. Not more than 30 percent of the student’s course work may be at the 6000-level.

2) Complete a research thesis. The research should be of adequate originality and quality to be recognized by the faculty as meeting criteria usually applied for publication in a scientific journal.

3) Present the results of their work in a public seminar and defend the thesis satisfactorily in an oral examination.