2009 High School Chem-E-Car Competition

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Build cars powered only by a chemical reaction!

The High School Chem-E-Car Competition was held on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at The University of Tulsa in Keplinger Hall.  This year's teams were from Braggs, Jenks, and Union high schools.  The purpose of the competition is to demonstrate an application of a chemical reaction.  Students design and build a chemically-powered car that will travel a specified distance and stop. Below are the winners for the 2009 High School Chem-E-Car Competition.

Winners in distance portion of the competition:
1st place: Chemical Balloon Power, 3.4 ft from target distance of 34.1 ft, Union High School
2nd place: Hillbilly Hazard, 7.4 ft from target, Braggs High School
3rd place: Go Forth and Conquer (Green), 11.4 ft from target, Union High School 

Other winners include:
Most consistent: Turtle Tank, 1.7 ft difference between runs, Union High School
Best poster: Hillbilly Hazard, Braggs High School 
Most creative: Go Forth and Conquer (Green), Union High School

Teacher/advisor assistance is allowed. Previous teachers have used the competition for extra credit, class projects, or science fair substitutes. We hope you plan to participate!

For sample pdf forms you may click on the links below:

Laura Ford