Chem-E-Car team qualifies for national competition

Monday, April 29, 2013

"Oxidants Happen" car wins at Mid-America regional

A team of chemical engineering students from the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences earned first place in the Mid-America Regional Chem-E-Car Competition on April 20-21 in Norman, Okla. The win now qualifies TU for national competition in San Francisco, Calif., this fall.

Chem-E-CarThe competition, sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, requires students to design and construct a chemically powered vehicle that follows certain size guidelines and carries an unspecified type of cargo. Distance requirements and cargo details are not revealed until the day of competition. TU’s car, “Oxidants Happen,” was powered by a custom-built magnesium/manganese dioxide battery. An iodine clock reaction was used to stop the car.

The car also earned top honors for Most Creative Vehicle Drive System. Team members include seniors Phillip Dixon and Jasmine Htoon, juniors Sarah Edenfield, Weston Kightlinger, Hai Lai, and AJ Sheikh, and sophomore Anne Himmelberg. Wellspring Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Tyler Johnannes is the team’s adviser.

Gail Ellis