Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Admission to Master of Science Program

Applicants must have a B.S. degree in chemical engineering or a closely related field and satisfy the general admission requirements of the Graduate School and specific requirements of the discipline as follows:

  • Either a 3.0 minimum overall grade point average in an ABET-accredited chemical engineering program, or
  • A minimum score of 600 on the GRE General (aptitude) Quantitative Test and a minimum combined (verbal plus quantitative) GRE score of 1000.

It is a Graduate School requirement that international students must have a four-year baccalaureate degree (first class or division if that system is used) or an advanced degree.

All applicants from non-English speaking countries who have not received a degree from a U.S. university must score a minimum of 80 on the internet-based TOEFL exam (213 on the computer-based or 550 on the paper). Applicants from non-English speaking countries may submit a minimum score of 6.0 on the IELTS exam in place of a TOEFL score.

Applicants are selected for admission on or about February and October 1.

Applicants should designate their major fields of research interest. Admission may be denied to maintain the desired balance of students in various interest fields.

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Master’s Degree Requirements

A 3.0 grade point average is the minimum normal for the master’s degree program. Students must maintain a 3.0 overall grade point average and at least a 3.0 average in their major field of study.

Not more than six hours of C grades in course work can be applied to a master's degree. Thesis grades are recorded on a pass-fail basis and are not computed in grade point averages. A passing grade in all thesis hours is required.

Initial advisement of all master's program students is done by the Graduate Program Advisor.

All courses taken for graduate credit in these programs shall be selected from those listed in this Bulletin, subject to the approval of the advisor. Independent study must be approved by the Graduate Program Advisor.

Curriculum Requirements

Thesis option leading to the Master of Science in Engineering degree

 Minimum total hours 30
 Credit hours of thesis 6-9
 Core chemical engineering curriculum (ChE 7003, 7023, 7033, and 7043) 12
 Maximum credit hours at approved 6000 level 9
 Maximum credit in chemical engineering at the 6000 level 6
 Maximum credit hours of independent study 3

By the end of the first semester after enrollment, the thesis-option student must select a general research area and a research advisor for the thesis. After consulting with the student, the advisor recommends, for the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies’ approval, an advisory committee consisting of the advisor and at least two other graduate faculty members. At least one member of this committee must be from outside the major discipline and may be a qualified expert in the research area from outside the university. At least half the total committee must be full-time chemical engineering graduate faculty members at the University of Tulsa. Upon completion of the research, the student must pass a comprehensive oral examination. The student's advisory committee conducts this examination, which covers the student's entire graduate program, with emphasis on the research work and content of the thesis.