Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

ABET LogoThe BS degree in Chemical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET ( ABET requires demonstrated adherence to a a set of criteria for a program to be accredited.

Educational Objectives:

Our educational objectives are to prepare graduates such that, within a few years of graduation, they have established chemical engineering careers in the petroleum, natural gas, chemicals, alternative energy, environmental, materials, or biotechnology industries, and/or have begun graduate studies in chemical engineering or related fields such as medicine, law, and business administration.

In working toward a BS degree, students, in conjunction with their advisors, may choose elective courses that form a cohesive area of specialization within chemical engineering. Current options include:

Environmental Engineering
Petroleum Refining 

Qualified students may also pursue undergraduate research, culminating in a senior research project. Students who have been admitted to the university’s Honors Program may also participate in undergraduate research in chemical engineering. Exceptionally well-qualified students, with their advisor’s approval, may make additional substitutions in the curriculum to allow further specialization in their selected areas of interest.

Requirements for the General option degree plan include:

  • Mathematics and Basic Sciences - 48 credits
    • MATH 2014, 2024, 2073, 3073 and 4000 level MATH or STAT elective.
    • CHEM 1011, 1013, 1021, 1023, 3011, 3013, 8 hours of advanced CHEM
    • PHYS 2051, 2053, 2061, 2063
    • 1 advanced technical elective
    • Engineering Sciences - 18 credits
      • EE 2003, ES 2013 or ES 3083, ES 3003, ES 3053, ES 3073
      • Chemical Engineering and Advanced Engineering - 41 credits
        • CHE 1001, 1013, 2003, 3063, 3084, 3112, 4003, 4013, 4063, 4083, 4104, 4113.
        • Two Advanced Engineering Electives 
        • Electives, Humanities, Social Sciences and English - 27 credits
          • 3 hour general elective
          • ENGL 1033, ENGL 3003
          • Two Block I courses, 4 Block II courses

          Please note that students are required to follow the course balance sheet on which they enrolled. This may vary from the information reflected on this site. Students should contact the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences' Advising Office for a copy of their active balance sheets.