Detailed Course Descriptions

ChE 1001 Introduction to Chemical Engineering -(I) ChE 1013 Chemical Engineering Problem Solving -(I)
ChE 1024 Ecosystem Damage and Recovery ChE 1123 Introduction to Indoor Air Quality
ChE 2003 Principles of Chemical Engineering -(I) ChE 3063 Equilibrium Thermodynamics -(I)
ChE 3084 Mass Transfer -(I) ChE 3112 Introduction to Process Control -(V)
ChE 4003 Chemical Engineering Lab I -(I) ChE 4013 Chemical Engineering Lab II -(I)
ChE 4023 Gas-Processing Plant Design -(II) ChE 4063 Chemical Reactor Design -(I)
ChE 4083 Chemical Engineering Plant Design -(I) ChE 4104 Process Component Design -(V)
ChE 4103 Process Component Design -(IV) ChE 4113 Process Control -(I)
ChE 4123 Health, Safety and Environment in Chemical Processes -(IV) ChE 4133 Industrial Catalysis -(II)
ChE 4163 Environmental Engineering -(II) ChE 4183 Petroleum Refinery Design -(II)
ChE 4193 Polymer Engineering -(II) ChE 4863 Special Topics In Chemical Engineering
ChE 4963 Senior Thesis ChE 4973 The Profession of Chemical Engineering -(II)
ChE 4981-3 Undergraduate Research  ChE 4991-3 Independent Study
ES 3003 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics -(III)  ES 3053 Thermodynamics -(III)
ES 3073 Heat Transfer -(III)

I - Required for BSChE degree
II - Satisfies advanced engineering elective requirements
III - Required for the BSChE degree, taught in the Chemical Engineering Department
IV - Required in new curriculum beginning Fall 2012
V - No longer required in curriculum beginning Fall 2012