Chem-E-Car Competition

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Each year, our chemical engineering students at The University of Tulsa compete nationally in a “Chem-E-Car” competition for college students. It has been such a success with our students that we host our own variation for Tulsa-area high school students. The goals of the competition are to build a small toy car powered by a chemical reaction and to control that chemical reaction so the car travels the required distance which is announced shortly before the competition.

Download the following pdf files for more information:

An online registration form is available here.  Registrations are due Friday, February 8, 2013.

Congratulations to our winners and competitors in the 2012 competition!

First Place Distance:  Marauder, Creek County Chemistry Club1.3 ft from the target of 43.8 ft

Most Consistent Distance:  One Direction, Summit Christian Academy

Best Poster:  Marauder, Creek County Chemistry Club

Another team from Summit Christian Academy competed, too.

2011 Competition

First Place Distance:  Breaking Wind, Union High School, Second Place Distance:  Mudslinger, Carney High School

Best Poster:  Breaking Wind, Union High School, Most Creative:  Frustratinator, Summit Christian Academy

Other teams from Union High School competed, too. A photo gallery is located here.

The 2010 competition was held on April 27th.  A link to the results is here.

The 2009 competition was held April 28th. A link to the results is here.