Chemistry Masters Student and TURC Scholars Publish in Journal of Organic Chemistry

Monday, March 10, 2014

Chemistry graduate student Grant Edwards along with a team of TURC and CSURP Scholars have recently published their research in palladium catalysis in the Journal of Organic Chemistry.

In their research, the team demonstrated that an inexpensive melamine ligand allows access to a palladium catalyst that is useful in cross-coupling reactions in sustainable and environmentally benign solvents. The catalyst can be used in homogeneous format or it can be polymerized so that it can be recovered by a simple filtration. To demonstrate its utility, the team of researchers synthesized several medicinally valuable compounds including a key intermediate in the synthesis of an anti-hypertensive drug and the anti-inflammatory drug felbinac, a compound used to treat arthritis. In the synthesis of felbinac, the authors carried out the synthesis in unpurified Arkansas River water to demonstrate that the catalyst is robust and remarkably insensitive to impurities. Several insights into the mechanism of the reaction were also reported in this paper.

For more information, the publication can be found here. TURC and CSURP Scholars Mitchell Trafford and Alaina Hamilton contributed to this research, as well as TU alumnus Audrey Buxton. CSURP Scholar Matt Bardeaux is also a co-author on this publication. This research was carried out in the Chalker Research Group.