Gordon H. Purser

Gordon Purser

ProfessorKeplinger Hall M259

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D. - The University of Colorado
  • B.S. with honors - The University of Texas 

Areas of Research Focus

  • My research group explores the kinetics of fast chlorine reactions; especially those that involve water treatment of biologically active chlorine.
  • I also am involved in chemical education, especially bonding, and the use of innovative teaching methods.

Previous Teaching Experience

  • California Polytechnic State University: 1982 - 1983
  • The University of Colorado - Denver: 1983 - 1986
  • Glendale College: 1986 - 1992

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society 
    • Tulsa Local Section 
    • Division of Chemical Education 
    • Division of Environmental Chemistry
  • American Water Works Association
  • American Solar Energy Society
  • Union of Concerned Scientists

Courses Taught at TU

  • Chemical Kinetics (CHEM 7173)
  • Energy Technology for the Future (CHEM 2024)
  • General Chemistry I (CHEM 1013)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 4043)
  • Junior Seminar (CHEM 3101)
  • Molecular Modeling (CHEM 2032)

Awards & Recognition

  • Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology, April 2001.
  • College of Engineering and Natural Science Kermit Brown Award for Teaching Excellence, April 2007.
  • The University of Tulsa Mortar Board Professor of the Year, March 2005.
  • The University of Tulsa Outstanding Orientation Mentor, September 2005.
  • The University of Tulsa Outstanding Teaching Award, May 2007.
  • The University of Tulsa Outstanding TURC Mentor of the Year, November 2005.


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