Functional Materials

Research from the lab of Prof. Ruya Ozer

Research in Ozer group focuses on multicomponent functional materials development and characterization with applications in biology, optoelectronics, and protective coatings. Multicomponent nanomaterials, in the form of hierarchical heterostructures or composites, can have enhanced or novel functionalities compared to their constituents due to the synergistic interaction at the molecular level. In addition, size-confinement effects can result in unique chemical, physical, and optoelectronic properties. The resulting functionalities can be tailored by fine-tuning the size, shape, morphology, composition, and organization of the two or more nanoscale building blocks. Understanding the fundamental issues governing the properties of these materials will help design new materials and electronic devices. Using a combination of methodologies including electrospinning, solution based synthesis and layer-by layer deposition, we develop novel materials with enhanced structure and properties. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the structure-property relationships of hybrid organic and inorganic materials to optimize material performance.