Our Faculty and Staff

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dr. Colin Barker, Emeritus Professor (Geochemistry), D. Phil., Oxford University  

Research Associates

  • Dr. James Derby (Geology), Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Dr. J. Berton Fisher (Environmental Geochemistry), Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
  • Dr. Miriam Petrovich (Paleoecology), Ph.D., Yale
  • Dr. Radomir Petrovich (Low Temperature Geochemistry), Ph.D., Yale
  • Dr. Robert Scott (Paleontology, Carbonate Sedimentology), Ph.D., Kansas
  • Catherine Webster (Biogeochemistry), M.S., The University of Tulsa



Sumanta Chatterjee

Instructor in Geosciences

College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

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