Undergraduate Majors and Minors

The Department of Geosciences offers B.S. and B.A. degree programs in Geosciences.

Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree programs require three semesters of mathematics in calculus and/or statistics, one year of chemistry and one year of calculus based physics. In addition, support courses in the sciences are required. Courses may not be offered every year. A six-credit-hour course in field geology is required and must be taken at another university.

Students are encouraged to take minors in associated technical fields. Minors in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Petroleum Engineering and Computer Sciences are among the many minors available. Students may also minor in areas of special interest.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programs are broadly based, classical liberal arts degrees that offer considerable flexibility to students interested in the Earth Sciences, but who do not necessarily want to work in the petroleum or related industries. The degree programs offer an excellent background in the sciences and in technology while still preserving the flexibility and strength of a liberal arts education. The B.A. programs offer the technical background needed to compete effectively in a changing job market in a range of career paths. If free electives are selected carefully, this major can provide the background necessary for entry into graduate-level studies in law, geology, environmental science, and environmental policy, meteorology, or business.

Students are encouraged to select a minor in allied fields of study to enhance their educational experience.   Students seeking secondary teacher certification in earth sciences must also complete requirements for a second major in education. In addition, teacher certification requires proficiency in a second language at the novice level.  

The B.S. and the B.A. tracks have options for Undergraduate Research for students wishing to participate in mentored research opportunities. Geoscience Internships are available for students wishing to gain practical experience in industrial applications of the Geosciences.  

A Minor in Geosciences is also offered.

Undergraduate Degrees offered by the Department of Geosciences