Bachelor of Science in Biogeosciences

The Bachelor of Science in Biogeosciences is an interdisciplinary degree program that draws on strengths in the departments of Biological Science and Geosciences. The program is intended for students interested in career paths in the fields of environmental biogeosciences or environmental forensics, as well as students who are interested in graduate programs in the biogeosciences.

The discipline of biogeosciences is one of the more rapidly growing academic and research fields in the sciences with significant research and graduate training opportunities. The degree track provides a firm foundation for graduate or advanced professional study and for professional practice. Only the B.S. degree track is available in the program. The degree program provides significant basis in the hard sciences as well as in mathematics and statistics while incorporating the core disciplinary areas in biology and geosciences with emphasis on earth systems science.

Students in the program are strongly encouraged to actively engage in research beginning at the freshman level and continuing through the senior year. The research emphasis provides a learning environment that stresses the more classical classroom and laboratory approach along with the experimental and field approach to professional practice in the field.

Students interested in the program will be assigned faculty advisors in both the Department of Biological Science and the Department of Geosciences to assure that the students receive the best advice for course selection.

Course Requirements

Courses  Credits
Mathematics and Basic Sciences 30 hours
Geosciences 30 hours
Biology 32-33 hours
Technical Electives 5-6 hours
General Electives 3 hours
Humanities, Social Sciences, and English 24 hours
TOTAL 124-126 hours

Please note that students are required to follow the course balance sheet on which they enrolled.  This may vary from the information reflected on this site.  Students should contact the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences Advising Office for a copy of their active balance sheets.