About the Department

For more than a century, mechanical engineers have played a central role in the technological development of human civilization by creating and improving a wide variety of machines and systems used by industry and the general public. An education in mechanical engineering is based on mathematics and science and seeks to develop creativity, analytical abilities, disciplined reasoning, communication skills, an understanding of advanced technologies, a sense of ethics, and the ability to enjoy a career in the most productive of all professions.

At The University of Tulsa, the mechanical engineering faculty works closely with students to help them develop the ability to compete in a wide variety of activities in the global marketplace. Classes are small, encouraging close interaction of students and faculty. Theory and practice are combined in a variety of laboratory and design experiences that enable students to simultaneously hone their experimental skills and grow to appreciate the role of theory and analyses in product design and development.

Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives:

The objectives of the ME program at TU are to provide graduates with the ability to apply knowledge required to:

  • pursue professional careers in a global marketplace
  • pursue advanced studies and continued professional development

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