Industrial Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Industrial Advisory Board of the Mechanical Engineering Department will enhance the value of the department to its students, alumni, faculty, and to The University of Tulsa by:

  1. Aiding the department in achieving its Program Educational Objectives (PEO's), which are to: 
    • Provide graduates with ability to apply knowledge required to: 
      • pursue professional careers in a global marketplace
      • pursue advanced studies and continued professional development
  2. Promoting the department within the community
  3. Supporting the department within the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the university administration
  4. Supporting the department in matters of accreditation
  5. Supporting departmental projects and research activities
  6. Serving as a source for grants and donations of money and/or equipment to the department 
  7. Providing input regarding the academic requirements for new graduates
  8. Advising and counseling the students 
  9. Supporting the Senior Design Projects program
  10. Serving as a technical resource for the faculty and students
  11. Providing part-time, summer, and full-time employment opportunities for students, graduates, and faculty

Executive Committee

 Deanne Hughes
 Bryant Mueller Halliburton
 Arun Chandrasekaran Gardner Denver 
 Bill Clary Miratech 
 Bill Shealy Honeywell 
 Matt Hauth Optimus Industries 
 Mike Lybarger Total Valve 
 Mark Abbott Phillips 66
 Steve Burgess McElroy Manufacturing